Apple Will Launch 4-inch iPhone in March 2016

Apple to Launch 4-inch iPhone in March 2016 (Report)

Apple’s new product, and we will soon meet in March 2016 4 inches Apple iPhone will bring you the launch configuration in detail. If you long for the days of palm-sized iPhones, Apple might be getting closer to bringing back the glory days of the iPhone 5s. The latest rumor has the Cupertino, Calif., company taking the wraps off a

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PhoneSheriff Review 2016

PhoneSheriff is a powerful parental control software that can help you monitor and restrict activities on your child’s cell phone or tablet in real time. The app can be downloaded instantly after purchase, and it is 100% undetectable. Once installed, the user won’t even know that it’s there, because it runs in stealth mode and won’t leave a trace on

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EC Technology Backlit Keyboard Review For Computer

EC Technology Backlit Keyboard review: Multicoloured backlight lets you work in the dark on Android, iPad or Windows tablet

Many types of keyboard, and can be divided into contact and non-contact type as well as type laser type (laser laser keyboard) three categories of the two former aid of metal contacts to connect or disconnect the input signal, the latter by means of Hall effect switch (using a magnetic field variation) and a capacitive switch (using current and voltage)

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Forget Google Glass: Carl Zeiss’s smart lens prototype proves smart glasses can be subtle

Forget Google Glass: Carl Zeiss's smart lens prototype proves smart glasses can be subtle

Recently, a famous high-end camera and Carl Zeiss optics equipment manufacturers ready to get involved in the manufacturing of smart glasses, bring Carl Zeiss name, many people may only know that it is in the field of high-end camera with Leica named the big get, knowing that Carl Zeiss is a company with many years of glasses lens production experience

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Facebook’s Latest News Feed Overhaul Puts Stories You Want To See At The Top


Facebook as a social media site drainage effect of unmatched, user groups and can easily capture more of your ads running directivity. On the other hand, Facebook ads are technical innovation. Facebook knows everything about you, from who your friends and family are to what you like and where you’ve been. It even knows the posts you draft but never

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