Microsoft To Launch Bing Ads In Australia And New Zealand

Bing Ads

Microsoft last week announced that they’re going to launch Bing Ads (formerly Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter) in Australia and New Zealand. Microsoft is forming a joint venture with Mi9 to bring Bing Ads ads to these two countries.

Microsoft has already launched Bing Ads in 20+ markets according to their official blog post and now their latest expansion is going to bring their advertising network to the 5.5 million monthly Bing users in Australia. Also, according to Microsoft and several other sources Bing users are likely to spend more than the average searchers.

If you’re an advertiser on Google AdWords then you can import your AdWords campaigns to your Bing Ads account. Also, you can control your advertising costs, research keywords and demographics for a market, run reports, etc. all with an intuitive interface.

Microsoft is trying to catch up with Google AdWords by offering free advertising credits for their new customers. Bing Ads is already offering Bing ads coupon for its U.S., Canada, U.K., France, and India advertisers as bait to acquire new customers.

Why Content Is Still The King

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”
~ Simon Sinek

The Internet is a constantly changing and growing place. Being a part of it means that you will need to stay on top of a lot of trends?new ideas being born and old ideas dying away. A couple of years ago, being on top of search engine results was done by using the right keywords and phrases often enough, and in some specific places. Now, staying on top of the lists is a different game with a different set of rules: content is king.

The quality of the content that you publish is fast becoming the key factor in determining your success in attracting visitors to your site. There are a couple questions you can use to explore what is quality content.

What is high quality content?

A popular definition for high quality content is closely related to the number of times your content is being shared. The rationale behind this idea is that the better your content, the more often people will read it and will then share it with their friends. This is clearly based on the increasing importance of integrated, online social networks. So, basically, the more your content is shared, the higher the quality. But, don?t just assume that good content will always be shared. We have all watched and shared a cute cat or dog video, which doesn’t mean that it was high quality content.

Another way to create high quality content is to write about subjects that you care or know a lot about. Establishing yourself as an authority on a subject, and doing so with passion and sincerity, will make your content valuable and it will probably be shared. You can use emotions, like anger or happiness, to reach out to your readers and add interest to your content.

How do you get your content shared?

First, you need to make your content valuable. You must add information, experiences, or stories that will give the reader something new or exciting. People have become really good at detecting a sales pitch. Most of the time, they will surf away from sites that are just trying to sell them something.

Second, you need to make your content easily sharable; make sure you have the right plugins in place and in a highly visible position on your website. Doing this will allow your visitors to share your content with a couple clicks.

Content quality is a broad topic. The differing factors and the algorithms that determine what keeps your site at the top of search pages is continually changing. So, write about what you know and love; this will come across to your visitors and ensure that your content is shared.

Credit: PaydayLoan​s Pay Big Newsletter