Tapglue: Add a Social Activity Feed to Your Platform or Mobile App

There’s activity amongst every platform or mobile application in use. Tapglue offers an API that’s accessible via web or mobile SDK that enables you to develop your own social activity feed around any product or service. This isn’t the ability to tap into Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, this is the ability to develop and integrate your own social activity within the confines of your web and/or mobile application!

Tapglue offers up seven reasons why social activity feeds benefit companies:

  1. Differentiate from your competition – With 2.5+ million apps on the market and a dozen that might compete with yours, a social activity feed may provide the differentiation you need.
  2. Increase user signups – Having an activity feed that shows the interactions of the user’s friends is a great way to achieve more signups.
  3. You can display notification badges – a great indication that something new is happening within your app when discovered by your user.
  4. You can send valuable push notifications – Push notifications are a powerful opportunity to keep users engaged.
  5. Your users will discover more content – an activity feed will also help you to improve engagement metrics, especially through a new way of content discovery.
  6. Your users will invite others – acquire new users through invite-friends features.
  7. You will make more revenue – by improving your app’s engagement, retention, and adoption, you generate more revenue.

How Does Tapglue Work?

The Tapglue platform is a highly optimized database with a set of API calls that enable you to develop social relationships and events within your platform.

User Management

Social Management

Event Management

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