How to use visual analytics to optimise your retargeting strategy

Visual analytics, the ability to visually analyse data with software that allows you to ask and answer endless questions, helps marketers to decode the complex world of consumer retargeting. It allows them to understand who their customers are and why they behave the way they do. With data visualisation technology, consumer behaviour can be tracked in real time and analysed

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Never mind CRM – what about partner relationship management?

The idea of customer relationship management, or CRM, has been around for years and companies such as Salesforce have built billion-dollar businesses around managing the direct sales relationship. But a recent Impartner survey shows that nine out of ten hiring managers are finding it difficult to recruit direct sales professionals and as a result, companies are increasingly turning to indirect

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Assessing the ‘where’s where’ of geolocation in digital advertising

Global mobile use is expected to make up almost three-quarters (73%) of time spent using the internet in 2018. This is a trend that’s growing, particularly in areas such as China and India, as many consumers around the world own smartphone’s first, ahead of laptops and desktop computers. As mobile browsing becomes the norm, being able to understand a user’s

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Think Digital When Planning your Marketing Budget

think digital

When I just out of my college, I started doing social marketing and keep working now. I’ve been fortunate to see social media marketing go from being considered a time suck to being the most cost-effective way to advertise to a targeted audience. Over the last ten years, social and digital media has grown immensely over the last ten years, but

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