Enjoy Livestream VR Video With NVIDIA’s Latest Pro Video Cards

NVIDIA's Latest Pro Video Cards

The GPU maker has unveiled its latest Quadro workstation cards, the Pascal-based P5000 and P6000, and they both pack power that makes your gaming-grade card seem modest. The P6000 (above) is billed as the fastest graphics card to date, and for good reason. Did you think NVIDIA’s newest Titan X was a monster of a video card? You haven’t seen

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KinInterface: Skin-based Smart Watch Human Interface

kinInterface: Skin-based Smart Watch Human Interface

For smart watch like wearable devices, due to the smaller area of ​​the touch screen, so greatly increasing the difficulty of the user using finger and watch the system interact. So, we want to improve the interactive experience effect smartwatch choice more easy to operate man-machine interactive interface, will become the technology industry to chase the target. IntelligentThings to introduce

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New Science Breathes Life Into Ageing Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries

Nickel-hydride metal batteries have fallen out of favour in recent years despite their inherent safety, because they’re not as small or light as lithium-ion cells. But scientific advances could significantly boost the capacity of the ageing batteries — and make them attractive once more. Researchers at BASF have recently doubled the capacity of nickel-hydride metal batteries, reports Technology Review, and

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