Twitter fights for disclosure of national security letters

twitter ban speech

Twitter is fighting to disclose how many times the government has secretly accessed its users’ data — and a judge may soon allow the company to do so. Twitter’s fight has been ongoing since 2014, and the company recently saw progress when it was allowed to publish two national security letters. The government uses national security letters (NSLs) to extract user

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Apple Music is at the heart of the company’s strategy for original TV shows

code media eddy cue

At the CODE Media conference today, SVP Eddy Cue explained that the company would be focused on creating content that is different from the competition and takes advantage of its music platform. Nowadays, Apple is making a deeper push into producing its own stable of original TV shows, but it probably won’t compete with originals being produced by Netflix or Amazon. Apple’s entrance into original

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LinkedIn Announces New ‘Engagement Insights’ to Boost Marketing Performance

LinkedIn Announces New 'Engagement Insights' to Boost Marketing Performance

Recently, LinkedIn announced a new way which will leverage more of its user data to help marketers connect and engage in a more personalized fashion. As explained by LinkedIn; “Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights, a reporting API solution sold by DataSift, that lets marketers around the world access LinkedIn data to help them improve engagement with

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Google Maps now notes if a location is wheelchair accessible

google maps

Many people will find themselves asking the quastion “Can I get in the building?” regularly. But for the 3 million+ wheelchair users in the U.S., it’s a question that has to be considered. And starting now, it’s one that Google Maps is trying to help answer. “Wheelchair accessible entrance” , which is noted in a location’s “Amenities” section wherever Google

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