Top Signs Your Brand Strategy Is Losing Focus

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There’s always the possibility that its established brand will suffer as a company’s marketing strategies adapt to changes in the marketplace. By its very nature, a brand must balance legacy — what it stands for today and what it’s stood for in the past — with vitality — how it can be revived and refreshed as new conditions demand. Under such circumstances, it’s

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Connect audience insight to your SEO strategy

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Columnist Chris Liversidge believes that audience enrichment data is key to making better optimization decisions and that search marketers should be ready to engage with an audience-led strategy. It is a hot topic right now amongst enterprise-level businesses— combining first-party data from your website with third-party data gathered from other sources to get a more complete picture of your visitors.

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5 New Social Platform Features You Need to Know About

5 New Social Platform Features You Need to Know About | Social Media Today

The social media landscape is constantly changing as everyday there are new options and tools being announced and introduced, some major and some less significant. And in that, there are also some of those smaller, minor updates or tests that are important to specific groups but can go under the radar because they’re not widely announced. As part of our ongoing

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For Women in Tech, Bias Runs Deeper Than Most Think

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Women who want to work in the tech industry should use their full names online, venture capitalist John Greathouse doesn’t believe. Just use a first initial, he suggested in a now widely criticized blog post in the Wall Street Journal in late September — one he eventually apologized for. By using an initial, Greathouse argued, hiring managers won’t know you’re

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Using search marketing to amplify TV buys: SMX East 2016

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Columnist Erin Everhart provides key takeaways on a session from SMX East 2016 detailing the relationship between paid search and TV advertising. In the SMX East 2016, “The New 1+1=3: Using Search Marketing to Amplify TV Buys,” Kerry Curran, Managing Director of Marketing Integration for Catalyst, and Itir Aloba-Curi, Director of Advertiser Analytics and Insights for Bing Ads, talked about

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