iPhone (and iPad) Lock Screen Notification Tips That You Probably Don’t Know

I’ve got an excellent tip for the iPhone (and iPad) users. You know that “slide to unlock” or “slide to answer” feature of iPhone (and iPad). But how about “slide to call”, or “slide to view”? When you get a call you’ll see the “slide to answer” option and when you get a “Missed Call” on your iPhone you’ll just

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Now Enable That 2-Step Verification For Your Yahoo! Mail Too

If you’re using Gmail then I guess that you know Gmail’s 2-step verification. This adds an extra layer of security to your online accounts. Gmail regularly reminds you to enable 2-step verification by asking you to verify your phone number. But not many people know that Yahoo! (and Microsoft too) also offers a similar security feature. So if Yahoo! Mail

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Why Speed Dial 2 Is The Best “New Tab” Extension For Google Chrome

Speed Dial 2 is a fast and clean browser extension for Google Chrome that replaces the default Google Chrome “New Tab” page. You can customize Speed Dial 2 the way you want and can gain quick access to your favorite apps, bookmarks, and browsing history. Perfect, huh?

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