‘Russian Google’ Yandex doles out free cloud service ‘cocaine’

Russia’s go-to search engine, Yandex, has launched a free and open-source challenge to Google’s App Engine called “cocaine”. The open-source platform as a service (PaaS), allows creation of custom cloud-hosted web apps, such as the Google-owned Panoramio location-based photo service, supporting C++, Python and JavaScript programming languages, with Java and Racket support in development. The tool is available for download

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Five Reasons SMBs Fear The Cloud

Five Reasons SMBs Fear the Cloud Fear of the cloud has been around since the Cloud began. SMBs were traditionally afraid of security issues, while large companies fretted about increasing the complexity of their IT infrastructure. What many budding start-up companies don’t realise is Cloud Computing helps place them on a level playing field with big businesses. This new technology

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