New HiRISE Image Reveals Dunes of the Southern Highlands of Mars

New HiRISE Image Shows Dunes of the Southern Highlands

Sand dunes are scattered across Mars and one of the larger populations exists in the Southern hemisphere, just west of the Hellas impact basin. The Hellespontus region features numerous collections of dark, dune formations that collect both within depressions such as craters, and among “extra-crater” plains areas. This image displays the middle portion of a large dune field composed primarily

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New Drug Cocktail Unlocks Potential to Regrow Inner-Ear ‘Hair’ Cells

Using a drug cocktail in a petri dish, researchers can now grow colonies of sound-sensing hair cells (magenta) with intricate hair bundles (cyan) from a single cochlear hair cell. This finding may accelerate the development of new therapies for hearing loss.

A team of researchers has developed a new approach to replace damaged sound-sensing hair cells, which eventually may lead to therapies for people who live with disabling hearing loss. Like a snail shell in a human’s inner ear, spirals are roughly 15,000 “hair” cells receive, translate, and then ship sound signals to the brain. Damage to these cells from excessive

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