Gmail’s Android App Lets Users Easily Sign Up For Meetings


According to foreign media reports, Google has upgraded the Android Gmail app, adds many new features, based on Android smart phones and tablets Android 4.0 and above versions of the system can support most of the new features. With more people using email on their phones, Google has finally added two key editing and calendar features to its Gmail app

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Google Adding Important New Features in Support of Real-time Interactive Information in Gmail


Google had released a new version of Gmail for Android application, some users may have downloaded through Google Play. The new version of Gmail for Android continues the Google’s flagship card design, each message in the form of cards showing more simple and intuitive, while adding multi-select function, a user can select multiple messages, batch move, archive and delete Wait.

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10 Essentials Elements for Efficient Content Production

Wrike is a collaboration platform used to streamline content production within your organization. They refer to this as a content engine and describe the ten elements – both from the organization and from the platform – that make content production more efficient. What’s a Content Engine? A content engine is the people, processes, and tools that deliver high-quality, targeted and

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