Solar Impulse “aircraft to Complete the Most Dangerous Journey Arrive to US Silicon Valley

Solar-powered aircraft lands in Silicon Valley

According to foreign media reports, after nearly three days after the flight, “Solar Impulse No. 2” solar-powered aircraft took off from Hawaii over the Pacific Ocean, arriving in California’s Silicon Valley in Mountain View, before midnight local time on 23 May. The flight was “Solar Impulse No. 2,” the latest one-way flight around the world, but also the most dangerous

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Top 10 web trends shaping the future of sustainable business

Web 2.0, or the ability to share and manipulate information online through user collaboration, has had a disruptive effect on business. Customers now expect to participate in the corporate world, and place a greater value on transparency in return. This new environment, termed “wikinomics” by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams, is based on four principles: openness, peering, sharing and acting

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