MacBook Pro 2016: Prepare Yourself For The Biggest Laptop Overhaul

MacBook Pro 2016

Apple insiders have stated that the MacBook Pro is set to receive its biggest overhaul in four years. It looks like MacBook Pro fans have something big to be excited about, after all. As it turns out, there are very compelling reasons for Apple fans to be excited about the upcoming release of the 2016 MacBook Pro. In a statement

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iPhone 6, MacBook Air, Lenovo Yoga 3, and More Tech Deals

This week we have a high-end Windows hybrid, Apple iPhone 6, student and teacher discounts on MacBooks, air fryers, and more. 1. Lenovo Yoga 3 14-inch If you’re in the market for a high-end Windows based laptop with touchscreen support, the Lenovo Yoga 3 won’t disappoint. The laptop is now available at an attractive price of Rs. 83,990. The same

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iPhone 6, OnePlus One, iPad Air 2, Amazon Kindle Voyage, and More Tech Deals

This week we have the Amazon Kindle Voyage, iPhone 6, MacBook Pro 13-inch and more, on deals and discounts. We also share a few pro-tips on how to safely buy an iPhone 6 online. 1. Amazon Kindle Voyage Amazon’s premium Kindle e-reader, Voyage, is now available at an all-time low price of Rs. 13,138 (effective after cashback) on Paytm. This

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Xiaomi Mi 4, Nexus 5, MacBook Pro, Lumia 1320, And More Tech Deals

This week we have big discounts on LG Nexus 5, the latest MacBook Pro 13-inch, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge, and a whole lot more. 1. LG Nexus 5 Google did not announce a fresh Nexus device at I/O this year, and the Nexus 5 is already a hot-favourite amongst Android consumers. The LG Nexus 5 is now available at a low

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Xiaomi Mi 4, Xbox One, MacBook Pro, Accessories, and More Tech Deals

This week we have Xbox One and Xiaomi Mi 4 with the official price drops, and power banks, wireless router, MacBook Pro, and a lot more. 1. Microsoft Xbox One console As Microsoft announced the 1TB variant of the Xbox One console in the US, it announced a price drop on the 500GB variant here in India. You can now

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