The Top 5 Myths of Mobile Apps — And Why Believing Them Will Hurt Your Business

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The app economy will reach $189 billion in revenue by 2020. And also, the time spent in apps nearly will be doubled over the past two years there’s no denying the massive opportunity for businesses to expand their reach and tap into the app advantage. The mobile-first mindset has spread across consumers and many businesses. And, now that mobile has

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Will Mobile Apps Change How We Interact With Ecommerce Websites?

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2016 will have an end soon, and it has seen remarkable changes in how people view online shopping as a whole. Last year, physical stores were full of people swarming to grab the lowest Black Friday deals, but this 2016, we’ve seen tides change as people now turn to online shopping because of its hassle-free benefits. We can clearly see

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How to Market Your Mobile App

We recently shared the high cost and failure rate for enterprise mobile applications, but the benefits of a good mobile app are simply too great to ignore. Alongside planning being a critical factor, the experience of the mobile development team and the promotion of the app are both critical. Your app can rise to the top of everyone’s search to

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