Update Google Docs, Sheets, Slides allow them to Automatically save New Files Offline


Update Google productivity applications will ensure that your most recent work is saved directly to your device.

Google said the update is available for your device documents, spreadsheets and slides can automatically recently opened file, so you can, even if you have bad or no connection to open them. If some period of time to file is not updated, or your memory is low, they will be removed from the local store.

You have to manually save long file offline, the ability to go off-line from the overflow menu section. And you can.
By default, when you open it, it means you want to spend picking offline files in less time your recent work will be saved. If your memory is low, or would prefer to manage this yourself, you can turn it off.
docs-offline-iphone-100662683-mediumThe update launched Google documents (Android version, iOS version) Table (Android version, iOS version) and slides (Android version, iOS version).

Your Impact: While online work and collaborate Google documents, spreadsheets, and slides always stressed, there are still plenty of open space where there is no solid Internet connection. This update ensures that you will not get stuck in a place without a file you really need.

When Chromebook Play stores began to roll out of it it can also prove to be effective. Those who do not have a specific drive to synchronize offline files will have their own recent work of a reliable backup. The same applies to those in the iPad Pro, who can be hard to maintain without the Internet.