China’s Stock Market Still Hasn’t Lost Its Appeal Despite Going Through a Tumultuous Year

Stock market remains a big draw despite the roller-coaster year

Looking back on the end of China’s stock market, the year when the Shanghai Composite Index surging climbed to the highest point of 5178 points, many investors are looking forward to the A-share market can regain lost ground, back on the peak of 6124 points in 2007, however, two months, came to a standstill, the broader market fell to 2850

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Bitcoin Takes a Hit with Spam Attack

Bitcoin Node Numbers Fall After Spam Transaction ‘Attack’       The number of reachable nodes has declined further following an “attack” that overloaded the bitcoin network. Last week, an unknown actor sent a deluge of spam that left bitcoin’s nodes – the clients that store and relay transactions – with upwards of 88,000, or 1GB worth, waiting in their collective

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