Facebook’s open network gear hits the big time at Equinix


Facebook’s open networking technology is making inroads into the data center establishment, with global giant Equinix adopting the company’s Wedge switch design and an open-source architecture in some of its facilities. The collaboration is the latest sign that network and server designs coming out of the Open Compute Project, which Facebook launched in 2011, are entering the IT mainstream. It

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Meerkat Close Live? Well, you look like struggling successfully attracted our attention


A few days ago, Meerkat‘s CEO in an interview confirmed Meerkat will be closed broadcast service message, he said, the main reason is because Facebook and twitter have opened up for live broadcasting, the company’s new subscriber growth nearly stopped, there is no traffic, live naturally could not handle this kind of business. Subsequently, Recode substandard media have also been

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Apple will appeal the judge ordered not to walk the back door unlocked iPho

appeal the judge unlocked iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the company will appeal to the California judge’s order, which requires Apple to assist the FBI in San Bernardino shootings belonging to a terrorist iPhone unlock. Cook argues that if Apple followed the government’s request, then the “security of our users would be threatened Just in case its motion to vacate wasn’t enough, Apple

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Microsoft’s new customer relationship management system Dynamics CRM 2016 will be released in the fourth quarter

CRM Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft today officially announced that they will be the fourth quarter of this year released a new customer relationship management system – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. By providing a simple, seamless experience and a range of productivity applications, Dynamics CRM Dynamics CRM applications between 2016 can significantly enhance the productivity of enterprises and organizations, and said productivity applications include Outlook

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Facebook Video Broadcast Functions Are Also Open To Android User


Following the Facebook live video function open to all users iOS, Android device users will also soon be able to enjoy the relevant functions. But the Android version of the user temporarily only available in the United States and parts, but also has a Facebook blog post revealed that more areas will be added soon. Current iOS version of live video

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