Google, Apple, Berners-Lee and more team up to launch Web Platform Docs

It’s rare that the caption describing someone’s job is both banal and overarching – but in the case of the picture of Sir Tim Berners-Lee above, you have to say it’s apposite. Yes, he really is the developer of the world wide web. It’s his brainchild. Berners-Lee appears in the video for the launch of Web Platform Docs, which has

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Twitter horrifies third-party developers with warnings of cutoffs

Twitter has horrified third-party developers by hinting that it will in future limit their size by preventing them having more than a certain number of users, as part of a wide-ranging shift in the company’s strategy – apparently part of a growing attempt to generate money from adverts. In a post on its developer blog, Twitter’s director of consumer products

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Pottermore opens its doors for all, JK Rowling announces

JK Rowling has sprung a surprise on her fans by opening the doors to her long-awaited Pottermore website without any warning. A select million fans were granted access to the site last summer following a hunt for a ‘magic key’ hidden on a series of websites, including the Guardian. As opening to millions more frustrated devotees was delayed, speculation grew

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