The Internet of Things Is Already Here – and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It review

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, it wasn’t wearables that shook the series, but the Internet of Thingsa world where all manner of devices, from tablets and smartphones to devices and thermostats, can share data freely among themselves via the Internet and offer us unparalleled control over our environment.The Internet of Things conceptTechnologists have been waxing

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Honeywell and Google Settle Patent Dispute


Honeywell announced that with Google’s Nest Labs has reached a settlement of a patent dispute. Previously, Honeywell allegations Nest Labs thermostat infringed several patents. Google Enterprise Alphabet mother and Honeywell issued a joint statement said it has reached a patent cross-licensing agreement, in order to solve the long-standing dispute between the Nest Labs and Honeywell. Disclosure Statement No other details

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Thumb PC Using Google Software to Computer Vision, Robotics and Unmanned Aircraft

Thumb PC using Google software to computer vision, robotics and unmanned aircraft

Google said it would provide its open source system TensorFlow free. The system is called a crown jewel Google, it can make computers smarter. A new USB stick computer uses Google’s machine-learning software to give drones and robots the equivalent of a human eye, and add new smarts to cameras. Movidius’ Fathom Neural Compute Stick isn’t your conventional PC. It

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How The Camera Connect To Smart Gadgets Like Printers And Projectors

Snapping a Picture to Connect to a Printer or Other Device

In order to help users solve the “what can the Andrews smart phone’s camera connection” related problems, researchers through the Internet, “Is there any way to Andrews smart phone’s camera connection” relevant solutions were consolidated. What if you could connect your smartphone to all kinds of “smart” appliances around you just by taking photos of them? That’s the plan behind

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The internet of things – the next big challenge to our privacy

If there’s a depressing slogan for the early era of the commercial internet, it’s this: “Privacy is dead – get over it.” For most of us, the internet is complex and opaque. Some might be vaguely aware that their personal data are getting sucked, their search histories tracked, and their digital journeys scoured. But the current nature of online services

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