Digital media in today’s society

Now I spoke in the Digital Media Forum in Dubai, also shared my thoughts about the evolution of public relations — as it changes from its tried-and-tested (and decades-old)’traditional’ approach to one that amuses the digital environment. From the days where media releases, column ins, interviews and press conferences were the focus of PR professionals, and I clarified that convergence

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Jubilant Iranians Celebrate The Nuclear Deal On Social Media

Iran and six world powers announced on Tuesday they have reached a historic agreement for the future of Tehran’s controversial nuclear program. The deal comes after months of contentious negotiations, and will curb Iran’s nuclear capabilities in exchange for relief from crippling sanctions. Jubilant Iranians living at home and abroad took to social media in the wake of the announcement

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Fusion’s Alicia Menendez: Do You Feel Like A Pooping Onion?

Fusion host Alicia Menendez had a hilarious rant at the top of “Come Here, Say That” Tuesday. The topic: nonsensical Facebook stickers. “Facebook stickers, they are so weird. What are they trying to say?” Menendez said. “One day, life makes sense. The next, there’s Hamcat.” She rattled off some of the odder decals the social network thinks its users need

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