Best Social Networking Sites to Promote Your Blog in 2020 Review

To promote your blog, you will probably head first to the very popular and famous ones. The big names in the social networking sites have a substantial audience, automatically attracting amateurs bloggers such as a honeypot.You will need to combine social media networks to advertise your site, where for some could be accomplished directly, while with some media sites, you

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Tech Giants Team to Battle Terrorism Online

social media terrorist

Recently, Facebook has teamed up with Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft to fight the proliferation of terrorist content on the Web. For these social networking, they will create a shared industry database of hashes for violent terrorist imagery, terrorist recruitment videos, or images they have removed from their services. Shared hashes is one of the tools they use to help identify

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Windows 10 for Different Devices Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Launched a New Version

Facebook gives Windows 10 a hug with new Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram apps

The new Facebook application for Win10 PC and tablet, and will replace the existing Windows Desktop Facebook application. For Facebook Messenger Win10 PC device with a functional desktop notifications and Live Tile support. Microsoft said Win10 Mobile version of both applications will “soon” launch. Microsoft spokesman said: “So far, Instagram application is only for Windows 10 Mobile platform,” the spokesman

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Twitter Password Recovery Bug Caused More Than One Million Users of Data Leakage


Recently, Twitter find their own platform password recovery system is a problem that may have caused Bug 10000 user’s personal data leaks. Twitter has notified 10,000 users that their email addresses and phone numbers may have been exposed due to a bug in the website’s password recovery feature. The incident happened over the course of 24 hours on an unspecified

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Facebook Messenger may again handle SMS messages on Android


As an alternative, not satisfied with the original messenger Facebook Messenger Facebook’s fast. Try this application now and enjoy its features. Facebook may bring SMS conversations back to its Messenger app. Some Android users have noticed the option to use Messenger for this purpose has popped up inside of their app After some Android users spotted it, Facebook confirmed the

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