How does the Master of Digital Media Planning help you become a producer of outstanding digital media products?

Organizations that build digital media products rely on multi-skilled teams and handle those teams with business processes designed to enhance their efficacy and effectiveness. By way of example, making a game requires storytellers, developers, musicians, information analysts, user experience designers, project managers and animators. “Throwing items over the wall” between siloed groups of experts isn’t an efficient means to manage things. You need to make certain that they know each other, work together creatively, and pull off a result that provides a world-class encounter. The skills necessary to manage these multi-skilled team members along with the fast paced nature of the industry means that digital media producers, like our pupils, have to possess communication and cooperation skills in addition to a depth and breadth of knowledge that is unprecedented.

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The Master of Digital Media program educates students on these two aspects — functioning in multi-skilled teams and participating with a broad range of modern, creative business processes — while creating digital media products that provide value for individuals. The MDM program is intended to help pupils develop six core competencies which will serve them well in their careers.

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Students acquire these skills partly through classroom instruction but mostly in experiential learning, working on multiple jobs. Projects in the CDM run throughout the three semesters. Projects in semesters two and three are industry projects for real world clients searching for digital media solutions.

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The Master of Digital Media program caters nicely to students with an entrepreneurial vision. In addition to developing their business skills, they also hone their skills to pitch, find the ideal partners and investors, and manage resources. We provide pitched job and’venture internship’ options that will assist you create and establish a new company with a new digital media product.