Specifying Document Base URL With HTML Element

Websites are built with a series of links, pointing to pages and sources like images and stylesheets. There are two ways to specify the URL that links to these sources: either use an absolute path or relative path. The absolute path refers to specific destination, typically it’s started with the domain name (along with HTTP) like www.domain.com/destination/source.jpg. The relative path

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Forget Google Glass: Carl Zeiss’s smart lens prototype proves smart glasses can be subtle

Forget Google Glass: Carl Zeiss's smart lens prototype proves smart glasses can be subtle

Recently, a famous high-end camera and Carl Zeiss optics equipment manufacturers ready to get involved in the manufacturing of smart glasses, bring Carl Zeiss name, many people may only know that it is in the field of high-end camera with Leica named the big get, knowing that Carl Zeiss is a company with many years of glasses lens production experience

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Six Way For 2016 Tech Trend You Can Estimate

8 Tech Trends to Watch in 2016

In order to keep up with technological trends, you have to understand emerging trends, what understanding of emerging technologies that can do and how it works. These trends are not only very hot stylish equipment and installations, but also industrial, social or human behavior changing specific performance. Technology trends to help us see and understand the current realities, while providing

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