The first-ever airborne test of the U.S. Air Force’s F-35Awas in the air

The first-ever airborne test of the U.S. Air Force's F-35Awas in the air

A four-barrel machine gun blasts a spray of rounds into midair. This is what it looks like when an F-35 Lightning II fighter jet fires its guns into the wild blue yonder. The first-ever airborne test of the U.S. Air Force’s F-35Awas conducted on Oct. 30 in California. It was the first of a series of trials meant to test

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A note-able proposition

The name of the game in the smartphone industry is innovation. If a smartphone or a phablet fails innovate to differentiate itself from the countless others available in the market, it fades into obscurity. But how many innovative features does it take to stand out in the industry? Last August, global innovation leader Samsung Electronicsintroduced its latest flagship phablet, the

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Declutter your Smartphone: Apps and files that you can do without on your mobile device

We use our smartphones to do just about anything. We use it to communicate with people, to search for things we our curious about in the internet; we use it as a calorie counter when we are on a diet or to look for newly discovered dishes and recipes;  we also use it to listen to music and more. As

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10 things I hate about the internet

The internet. Nearly every facet of modern life is entwined with this technological marvel. I wake up and devour news alerts on my mobile phone, use it to communicate with my friends, document my life through social media, do my research, and collaborate with colleagues around the globe. Even my games have an online component. And when I’m about to

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Emote with Emoticons: 8 Popularly used Emoticons and Emojis

The internet has been a source of fast communication for almost everybody around the world. With the help of emails, there is no longer a need to wait for a handwritten letter to be sent to and from business colleagues and loved ones.  Then there is the chatbox. It allows users to talk to one another as if there is

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