Evidence mounts that Google will unveil Android VR headset at I/O


It’s looking like a safe bet that Google will show off Android VR, the working title for a dedicated virtual reality headset, at I/O next week. The latest piece of evidence comes from the Google Play Developer Console, which briefly had a dedicated placeholder for Android VR. This implies that developers will soon have the option to build native VR

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Android device updates: HTC One M8 and M9 finally score Marshmallow for AT&T models


It’s the calm before the storm in the world of Android. With everyone’s attention focused on next week’s Google I/O—especially with all those Android VR rumors—it’s easy to forget about the humdrum world of new software. But a few key updates made their way into the wild, landing on popular devices like the Nvidia Shield Tablet, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge,

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The 6 Most Important Things That Happened in Virtual Reality in 2015

2016 domestic VR enterprises will be the main mobile phone VR and independent VR integrated machine, by the chip computing speed, display technology and VR device weight of a comprehensive control, with the use of domestic VR equipment experience will receive the impact. Though virtual reality is still far from mainstream, 2015 was a big year for the industry as

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