Update Google Docs, Sheets, Slides allow them to Automatically save New Files Offline


Update Google productivity applications will ensure that your most recent work is saved directly to your device. Google said the update is available for your device documents, spreadsheets and slides can automatically recently opened file, so you can, even if you have bad or no connection to open them. If some period of time to file is not updated, or

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Microsoft Plans To Abandon Astoria Andrews And Win 10 To Stop To Get Through?


Microsoft last year’s Developers Conference announced the Astoria project, which will have Android applications on Windows App Store to help developers With Windows Bridge Android applications will be ported to Windows Store applications. Microsoft had said last fall will launch a public beta version, but apparently it did not do so. Earlier this month, Emil Protalinski wrote Astoria “There are

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Android Leads, Windows Phones Fade Further in Gartner’s Smartphone Sales Report

Android leads, Windows phones fade further in Gartner's smartphone sales report

Once predicted to challenge Apple in the smartphone market, Windows phones have sunk to barely 1 percent of the world’s smartphones, according to new data released by Gartner. Meanwhile, Android’s market share now tops 80 percent. If you’re a Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile owner, the news is grim: Microsoft and its partners sold 4.3 million phones worldwide during

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